Frequently Asked Questions

Just dial 333 from the handset during office hours, or visit the website anywheresim.com/topup
Simply dial 222 from your handset. The remaining balance will be displayed on the screen.
Simply name the APN Anywhere and then refer to the table below for your APN Settings.
Sim Type APN Other Settings
Pure mobiledata Defaults
There isn't one!
No, its free to receive a call at all times.
Mobile networks prefer to keep you on their network because its much cheaper than paying another network to let you on theirs.
Not yet, but we are working on this and will be available soon.
It does it automatically and will always seek out the next available network!
Unfortunately not. that would require a lot more cooperation from mobile networks than is currently possible.
Each sim is numbered to reflect the amount of credit that comes with it. e.g. Sim 10 comes with £10, Sim 40 comes with £40 etc.
We have a number of sims, which collectively provide access to Three, Vodafone, O2 & EE (Three availablity is subject to a compatible 3G device)
Simply dial the number below (in relation to your sim type) to activate/deactivate voicemail.
Sim Type Activate Deactivate
Pure 1210 1211
All the 4 UK networks are switching off their 3G networks at different times, please refer to the Ofcom website for further information at the below link:

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